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The Snug Harbor Saga Novels:

Snug Harbor Tavern

The Snug Harbor Saga begins with Snug Harbor Tavern: Shaggin' for a Shillin'. In 1766 Boston, Sam Adams and John Hancock learn the British government Stamp Act has been rescinded. When the Townshend Act, imposing more taxes, arrives, there is rioting, tar and feathers, and near rebellion. The redcoats arrive, and the climate becomes stormy.
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The Seeds of Love and War

The Seeds of Love and War: Still Shaggin' for a Shillin' continues in 1769, as the trollops at the Snug Harbor Tavern and the Bunch of Grapes cope with redcoats in the streets. Tensions build whereupon a young boy is killed, and weeks later there is blood in the snow on King Street, to be known as the Boston Massacre.
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Tea and Tyranny

Tea and Tyranny: Still Shaggin' in Boston begins with the Boston Massacre, when the Sons of Liberty confront the redcoats. The British Parliament persists with a tax on tea. In 1773, three ships laden with tea arrive at Griffin's Wharf and a "Tea Party" begins.
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Tyranny & Defiance

Two dead bodies, with their faces eaten away, are found by two redcoat soldiers amid saltwater tea washed ashore in Boston Harbor in the early dawn of December 1773. Mired in the stench of rotting tea and the dread of retribution, the Boston Tea Party launches William E. Johnsons fourth in a series of five historical novels tracing the American Revolution.
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Uprising: "Let it Begin Here."

A single gunshot had shattered a sinister silence and eight bayonet-bludgeoned militiamen lay dead on Lexington Green in the early dawn of April 19, 1775. So begins William E. Johnson’s fifth in a series of six historical novels about British subjects discovering they had become Americans. It is another mug of colonial intrigue brimming with sex, scandal, spies, and soldiers. More than ten thousand colonists lay siege to nearly four thousand British soldiers in Boston. Meanwhile, John Hancock and Sam Adams join...

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